Designer and manufacturer of teaching materials


Supply of material from catalog

Our material developed to match the curriculum of the teaching of physics and chemistry for Primary / College / High School.

Made-to-measure educational bench manufacturing

In the course of the collaborations that we have had with higher education establishments, we have set up an offer of support for the development and manufacture of made-to-measure benches that meet specific technical needs dedicated to scientific and technical research.

Treatment of obsolescence and digitalization of existing equipment

We have the technical capacity to ensure the return to operation of old benches suffering from obsolescence, we also meet the customer's need to create a computerized human-machine interface.



Our history:
Didatec was created in 1996 with the ambition of being able to provide the Moroccan market with reliable teaching material, manufactured and maintainable locally.
During its 23 years of existence, DIDATEC has seen its equipment deployed in all public secondary establishments in the kingdom, and a successful collaboration with higher education establishments for the creation or restoration of functioning. research facilities.

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Our strong points :
- local presence since 1996,
-good knowledge of the Moroccan educational fabric,
-design and manufacturing responsiveness
- locally produced product
-possibility of custom realization

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Our achievements :
- Equipment of didactic material for all the establishments of the second cycle of the kingdom.
- Supply of teaching material for private educational establishments.
- Support in the production of models for ENSET research projects.
- Return to operating conditions and obsolescence treatment for EMI civil engineering laboratory equipment.

Our service offer:
-Provision of teaching material covering the entire school curriculum in physical sciences.
-Training and support for teachers in the use of the material provided.
-Support and maintenance.
-Restoration and treatment of obsolescence of old equipment.
- Manufacture of customized educational benches.
- Manufacture of models for scientific and technical research on customer's prescription.
- Digitization of existing material.
- A design office at your service to support you in your equipment projects.



year of creation

> 200

Equipped establishments
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10,000 Rabat MOROCCO

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